The Modular Data Layer

SEDA is a standard for modular data transport and querying. Any data type, for all networks.


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Networks we support
  • SEDA is a new data paradigm. Configure & interact with custom data feeds for price data, RPC data, or any available API endpoint. 1

  • SEDA's unique modular design enables horizontal scalability to support any blockchain.2

  • SEDA’s chain-agnostic solver network enables data to be published directly from SEDA to any other blockchain without native deployment.3

  • Protocol’s issue Intents that power chain-abstracted data queries for an infinite range of data types.4

  • SEDA’s data layer facilitates permissionless configuration and querying of any data type from any source.5

Any Data

Protocols powered by SEDA can instantly access any API data feed from any network.

Any Chain

Chain-agnostic by design, SEDA supports all blockchains with one deployment of a SEDA Prover Contract.

Any Time

100% permissionless – SEDA is the only production-grade modular data layer accessible to Web3.

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