The trustless data layer

SEDA is a multichain, permissionless protocol connecting real-world data to any network on-chain.


Total value enabled
Data-feed updates
Networks we support
  • We allow smart contracts from any network to query data from the real world or any other network.1

  • Going beyond today’s definition of an oracle, SEDA is a multichain-native data transmission protocol built on an entirely decentralized foundation.2

  • SEDA utilizes PoS security guarantees for its time-tested cryptography, strong backstops, configurability, and computability.3

  • Connect with any data-source from the real world to enable a range of new use cases.4

  • The SEDA Network is permissionless by design. Information and value can be validated, exchanged, relayed, and requested by any entity across any network with shared security.5


Every step in the SEDA network is strongly secured by cryptographic primitives and economic guarantees.


Provides low latency for queried data based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.


No central authority controls the data being transported from the source to the destination.

Our expanding network of ecosystems