A Foundation for Data in web3

SEDA creates a standard for data interoperability enabling the future of connectivity.


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Networks we support
  • SEDA is a base network that forms a foundational layer below blockchain ecosystems as the HTTP of web3.1

  • SEDA seamlessly integrates with any Blockchain Network using an open-source relay smart contract, making deployment fast and secure.2

  • The SEDA Network is permissionless by design. Information and value can be validated, exchanged, relayed, and requested by any entity across any network with shared security.3

  • The SEDA Network is built with the Cosmos SDK, creating a robust and decentralized validator set. 4

  • SEDA can support any EVM Network, including non-EVM Networks, within a swift timeframe of just 24 hours.5


Every step in the SEDA network is strongly secured by cryptographic primitives and economic guarantees.


Provides low latency for queried data based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.


No central authority controls the data being transported from the source to the destination.

Our expanding network of ecosystems